Feb 13 2020

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Sell your own home


Sell your home with Edina Realty

The “right market” is today’s market

Repeat after us: “I’m going to sell my home for top dollar.” Great — now it’s time to get started on the process of selling your home. Every home is different, and local experts can offer an accurate value for selling your home in today’s market. Reach out today for a free, no-obligation home value estimate from a local market expert.

Multiple offer tips for sellers

Know your market

Highest home prices since 2007. 1

93 percent of local homeowners have equity in their homes. 2

Local home prices have been rising for 60 consecutive months. 3

See what your neighbor’s house sold for

Explore communitites

Selling Insights (176)
iBuyers: What you need to know about selling your home with an online investment firm

Whether you watch the nightly news or read the daily papers, you may have heard about a new home buying model known as “iBuying.” iBuyers tend to be larger investment firms that make fast offers to home sellers, based on a home value that’s generated by their proprietary algorithms. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using an iBuyer to sell your home? Let’s dive in.

Infographic: How does a balanced market affect buyers and sellers

Whether you listen to the nightly news or pay attention to workplace water cooler discussions about the housing market, you’ve likely heard the terms “sellers’ market” and “buyers’ market” before.

What is a home showing and how do I prepare for one?

Your home has been listed for sale and it’s time for buyers (and their agents) to begin touring your home. Here are insights you can use as you prepare your home for a private tour, or showing, for potential buyers

How to sell your house: Simple steps from start to finish

Wondering how to sell your house? The home selling process is filled with many steps and may appear complicated, especially to first-time sellers. From the preparation to the closing table, there are many ways to break down the process and set yourself up for a successful sale

What 2019 buyers and sellers can expect from our local market

Buying or selling in 2019? Edina Realty president Sharry Schmid offers predictions and insights to help you navigate the market in Minnesota or western Wisconsin.

Ask an Edina Realty Lawyer: What are special assessments and how do they affect me?

Homeownership can be complicated, but we also think it’s one of the most rewarding ventures out there. In our series, Ask an Edina Realty Lawyer, we are hoping to demystify some of the trickier aspects of buying, selling and owning a home.

Closing costs: Estimated expenses for buyers and sellers

As you consider buying or selling a home, you may be curious about how much money you’ll be expected to bring to the closing table. Maybe you’re wondering — how much are closing costs? And what do closing costs consist of, anyway?

Negotiate, counter or accept: Get the most when selling your home

You’ve received an offer on your house, now what? You might feel so excited that you jump at the first offer you see, but there are some smart reasons to be thoughtful before you accept an offer.

Realtor, broker, agent: Who’s who when buying or selling a home

When a home is on the market, the buyer purchases the house from the seller. Sounds simple, right? But behind the scenes, there are many people involved in a home transaction, including real estate agents, brokers and more

Selling your own home: Is the risk worth the reward?

You’ve heard about the market, you’ve started to think about selling your home and moving into a space that better fits your current needs. And as you look around at agents to interview and prep your home to be listed, you may wonder if you should sell your own home rather than hiring a professional.

Four surprising things first-time sellers don’t know

First-time homebuyers are often the focus of conversation, but selling a house for the first time is a major endeavor, too! Here are four insights first-time sellers should keep in mind as they prepare to list their homes for sale in Minnesota or western Wisconsin.

How to prep your home for fall and winter in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Winter could come faster than expected and it’s important for your home to be prepared for the worst. Follow these winter preparation insights

Staging a house for sale: A seller’s guide

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, you’ll want to create a space that’s visually appealing to buyers. If they can imagine themselves living in your home, they’ll be more likely to consider buying it. But how much time and money should you spend neutralizing your space? And do you have to fix up every room? Here are some insights you can use as you begin staging your home for sale.

Porches, basements, attics: What counts as finished square footage?

When buying a home, it’s important to understand square footage fully, because it can be tricky to know what counts as square footage and what doesn’t. For example, two similar-style homes on the same street could vary significantly in price and square footage depending on how they’ve been updated or maintained over the years.

Exploring Minnesota and Wisconsin’s six most haunted houses

When it comes to spooky moments alone in your house, what can you handle? If you can overlook creaking doors or flickering lights, you’re in good company. According to a recent study, nearly 60 percent of homebuyers said they would buy a house that is believed to be haunted as long as there was a benefit such as location or square footage.

Buying and selling a house — how do I time it perfectly?

Need to sell your current home and buy another? You may be wondering how to time it just right, so the sales align — or if you should be buying or selling your home first. We’ve carefully outlined the pros and cons of each decision. Read along for more insights you can use when determining whether to buy or sell your home first.

What should I do (and can I sell) if my house is haunted?

Have you ever felt a draft that can’t be explained, or watched a door in your house slam shut when you’re at home alone? We sometimes hear from homeowners who believe their home is haunted and wonder if or how this “perceived paranormal activity” can affect the ability to sell a home.

Selling your home: How to find the right Realtor

Selling a house can be a complex journey with many moving pieces — from determining the right price and prepping the home for sale, to marketing the home and meeting buyers, to negotiating a final offer and getting to the closing table. But by choosing the right REALTOR® for the job, you’ll find that it can also be an organized and exciting process.

Maximizing home sale profits — know your tax implications

It may surprise you to know that many homeowners who sell their properties don’t end up having to pay taxes on the sale — even if they walk away from the closing table with a large sum of money.

Multiple offer tips for sellers

As a seller, you’ll want to score the best offer on your property. By attracting multiple offers, you can be in the driver’s seat to accept a final offer that represents the highest possible closing price.

How much does it cost to sell my house?

One important aspect of most home sales is the cost of selling the home. While it may seem counter-intuitive, sellers do typically invest in their property and pay in order to sell their home for top dollar. These seller costs vary, but they are generally broken into three overarching categories. Keep reading for more insights you can use as you approach home sale costs.

How do I know how much my home is worth?

Homeowners looking to sell may find that after years of building memories in a house or investing in home renovations, it can be difficult to put a price tag on a property. Here are some insights you can use to determine the best steps toward discovering your home’s true market value.

I want to list my home for sale – now what?

Ready to list your home for sale, but not sure how? Don’t worry, many home sellers find themselves in this boat. Keep reading to discover insights you can use as you learn how to list your house for sale.

What causes home price appreciation? How much is too much?

Anyone who watches the evening news or reads the local paper will know that home prices have been on the rise over the last few years. And while the headlines commonly explain that increasing home values can be attributed to low inventory and high buyer demand, there are other factors at play, too.

From appraisals to zoning: Your A-Z home seller’s dictionary

Just as buying a home is one of the biggest purchases an individual can make, selling a home is also a big deal. Here are some insights you can use as you learn all the components of selling your home.

How to avoid seller’s remorse

The market is hot for today’s homeowners — houses are selling faster and for higher prices than in past years. Many homeowners are feeling the call to move, but are wondering if they’ll regret moving based on financial factors.

Renovation loans: What they are, and how both buyers and sellers can take advantage

Whether you’re looking at fixer-uppers, trying to stay in place a bit longer, or hoping to sell for more, these loans can transform a house into a dream home

The pros and cons of selling your house in the summer

Summer is in full swing and many homeowners are watching as their neighbors receive top dollar for their recently sold homes. If you’re thinking of selling this summer, consider these pros and cons before you place your home on the market.

New landscaping trends every homeowner should know

Selling your house? Staying in place? Whether you have plans to move or just want to enjoy more time outside this summer, consider these popular landscaping trends to help you create the perfect lawn and backyard.

Three things luxury sellers should know in 2018

Hoping to sell your high-end Minnesota or western Wisconsin home? Here are three things luxury sellers should know in 2018.

She-shed, granny pod, detached home office? Creative backyard solutions to help you avoid an expensive home addition

Need more space and can’t afford an addition? Consider building a backyard solution to your problems. Learn how to determine if you need a zoned accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that acts as a guest house, or a DIY cottage or shed that you can customize to be a home office or reading nook.

How to use tile to make a bathroom look bigger

Whether you’re hoping to sell or you just want to create the illusion of more space, consider these insights on how tile can make your bathroom look bigger.

Keep, toss or ask: What homeowners can and can’t leave behind when selling their home

Learn what home sellers can and should leave behind for the new buyers as the closing approaches

A great time to sell, a (sometimes) harder time to buy: Why sellers need a “Plan B” when they list

Learn how to time your purchase and plan ahead so you can sell, then buy, with ease in our low-inventory market.

April homeowner checklist: Open your house up for spring

Homeowners should follow this April homeowner checklist to ensure they are ready for the approaching warmer months.

Helping kids deal with the emotional stress of a move

Kids don’t always cope well with the stress of moving. See how setting expectations and talking openly can help smooth the process.

How to stage a house with a closed floor plan

If you’re hoping to sell a home with a closed floor plan, follow these staging insights.

Ask an Edina Realty Lawyer: When selling, do I have to disclose if someone died on the property?

Our Edina Realty lawyers provide insights on how to navigate the disclosures when someone has passed away in the home.

Seven moving and packing hacks: How to stay organized using materials you already have

Pinterest to the rescue! Learn seven new ways to keep your items organized without spending extra money on new materials.

The best winter projects for this year’s spring sellers

If you plan to sell your home this spring, get a head start now! Focus on interior home improvements this winter so you can avoid feeling stressed once the snow melts.

How and why you should color code your next move

Color code your packing boxes in advance so moving day is a breeze for you and your moving crew.

What 2018 buyers and sellers can expect from our local market

Buying or selling in 2018? Edina Realty president Sharry Schmid offers predictions and insights to help you navigate the market in Minnesota or western Wisconsin.

Ask an Edina Realty Lawyer: As a seller, am I allowed to have hidden cameras on during a showing of my home?

Our Edina Realty lawyers provide insights on what cameras or recording devices are legal for sellers to use during open houses and showings.

Seller FAQ’s about title and the closing process

How long will the closing appointment take, and what exactly happens there? Edina Realty Title answers seller’s closing and title questions.

How should I stage extra bedrooms in my home?

While there’s no hard-and-fast rule about how to stage extra bedrooms, here are insights to help you determine how to present these rooms when selling a home.

Ask an Edina Realty Lawyer: The State of Minnesota sent a letter that they want to buy my property. Can they do that?

Our Edina Realty lawyers provide insights on what eminent domain is and how it works.

What you should know about selling right before the holidays

If you hope to list your home before the holidays, but aren’t sure what to expect this time of year, read these insights to determine if it’s the right time to sell.

Tips to Stage and Sell Your Home this Fall

Autumn in Minnesota and Wisconsin can be a great time to sell your home. Use these home staging insights to get a leg up on the competition this fall.

Ask an Edina Realty Lawyer: I’m a homeowner getting a divorce. Now what?

Our Edina Realty lawyers provide insights on how divorce may affect home selling and buying.

If equity is (way) up, why isn’t anyone selling?

Despite an increase in equity, homeowners across Minnesota and western Wisconsin aren’t selling. Learn why.

Low-maintenance landscaping: Freshen up your yard with these beginner tips

Get beginner tips on how to spruce up your lawn and landscaping this summer.

Ask an Edina Realty Lawyer: Can non-US citizens buy real estate here?

Our Edina Realty lawyers provide insights on the legal rights of non-US citizens who wish to buy and sell property in the country.

Five things buyers and sellers should know as we head into open house season

Open house season is upon us! Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, here’s what you should know about the weekend home-selling activities.

What makes a sellers’ market, and what does it mean for buyers?

When there are more buyers looking for homes than there are homes available for sale, it is considered a sellers’ market.

Four signs you need to replace your home’s windows

Whether you’re thinking of selling or just doing some general spring cleaning, follow this handy checklist to determine if your home needs new windows.

The five best reasons to downsize your home

Many seniors are beginning to look toward their own future. Here are the top five reasons they are downsizing.

Four home seller myths, exposed

Wondering how to sell your home in less time and for more money? Don’t believe everything you see on HGTV. We expose four common seller myths.

Why do For Sale By Owner homes keep dwindling?

Wondering if you should sell For Sale By Owner? Check out current stats on why fewer homeowners are selling FSBO than ever before.

The five home improvement projects with less return

Consider the return on investment before beginning home seller improvements. Here are the five home improvements with the lowest ROI in the Minneapolis area.

Easy tips for eliminating indoor odors

Your home taking on a musty smell? Get rid of the foul odors in your home without letting in the winter’s cool air.

Five home improvements with the best ROI upon resale

We dove into Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report to find the top five midrange projects with the best ROI for the Minneapolis area

How important is your home’s tax-assessed value?

Did you know your home’s Estimated Market Value was determined based on data from 2014 and 2015?

Is your home’s tax-assessed value accurate?

Prices in some areas have risen drastically in the months since the home value data was collected. Is your tax-assessed value really accurate?

Why a higher property value benefits you, even if you don’t plan to sell

When home prices rise, as they have been for the last few years across Minnesota and western Wisconsin, many homeowners may become frustrated by the increase in their annual property taxes. While it’s not expected that you celebrate a higher tax bill, there are various reasons that homeowners should accept rising values as a good thing.

What every seller needs to know about selling this winter

We’ve analyzed our local market to offer insights you can use as you determine if you should sell your Minnesota or western Wisconsin home this winter.

Top home improvement projects to tackle this winter

Minnesota winters can be gloomy, but there’s no better time to focus on home improvement projects if you plan to sell in the next year or two.

How winter sellers can prepare for snowy showings

Winter sellers may have to work harder to keep their homes in peak condition. Here are insights you can use as you sell your home this winter.

The ultimate guide to moving during the winter

Whether you’re moving locally or across state lines, be sure to follow this winter moving guide.

What should I do if I inherit property?

Here are insights you can use as you decide how to accept or refuse the inheritance, and whether to live in, rent out or sell the property.

What 2017 buyers and sellers can expect from our local market

Buying or selling in 2017? Edina Realty president Barb Jandric offers predictions and insights to help you navigate the market in Minnesota or western Wisconsin.

Top tips for selling your home before the holidays

As a home seller, this time of year can be a great time to sell your home. Here, we share our top tips for selling your home before the holidays.

Dos and don’ts of holiday home staging

Staring to sell during the holidays? Here’s a list of the top do’s and don’ts from Edina Realty agents and HGTV.

Should you sell your home over the holidays?

Home sellers are often hesitant to put their property on the market during the holidays. Read about the benefits of selling this time of year.

Are starter homes dying? How sellers can entice first-time buyers (1)

Three-quarters of first-time buyers are waiting to buy a home that will fulfill future needs. How can starter home sellers entice them to buy now?

The three phases of the home selling process

Thinking of selling your home? Congrats! Below, we list the three phases of selling that you’ll need to undergo as you list your home and move to a new abode.

Why do homes near cemeteries sell for more?

Quiet neighbors and no chance of future development: why homes near cemeteries may have higher sales prices

Exploring Minnesota’s three most haunted houses

The majority of Americans would live in a haunted house. Let’s explore Minnesota’s most notorious haunts.

Selling an outdated house? Five fast fixes buyers love

A recent study of listing descriptions shows what buyers are looking for. Below are insights you can use to fix up your home and delight today’s discerning buyers.

Are we in a bubble? How to know for sure

Prices are increasing and sellers hold a clear advantage. Are we in another bubble? We explore today’s market conditions to offer clear insights

The pros and cons of selling your home in the fall

Is autumn a good time to sell? Get insights you can use as you consider selling your home this fall

Cost, upkeep and resale value: How to decide between hardwood and carpet once and for all

We analyzed the pros and cons of these flooring choices in terms of price, upkeep and resale value so you can determine what will work best for your home.

Emotional mistakes to avoid making when selling your home

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, use these tips to remain as objective as possible during the home selling process.

Foreclosure and short sale basics

Short sales, foreclosures and lender owned properties can be classified as non-traditional home sales.

Selling your home as a short sale

If you are considering selling your Minnesota home, but you owe more than it’s worth in today’s market, you are not alone and may qualify for a short sale.

Sell your home with a home warranty

Ready to sell, but worried about your systems failing at the last minute? Protect your equity investment by purchasing a home warranty.

Why list now? Tips for a quick summer sale

Reasons to get prepared now for this summer’s sellers’ market, multiple offers and quick sales for properties in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

What to do when hail or storm damage affects your house

Here are insights you can use to determine when to make a claim, and what to do if you’re a home seller with major storm damage.

Round numbers for the win: How one tiny pricing difference can sell your home 18 percent faster

When it comes to selling real estate, listing at a preferred price point holds a clear advantage. Let’s dig into a recent study to see how and why.

How to host a picture-perfect open house

Hosting a spring open house? Leverage these open house seller tips to prep your home for high attendance and potential offers.

The problem with clutter: How it’s ruining your savings, your sanity and your ability to sell

Get insights on why you should downsize your belongings, and how doing so can affect everything from your expenses to your well-being.

How sellers can benefit from reverse contingencies

Worried about the time between selling your home and buying a new one? Here are insights you can use to bridge the gap and take advantage of today’s sellers’ market.

What is an appraisal, and how can sellers “pass” it?

What is an appraisal, and how does the process work? If you’re a seller, here are insights you can use to get a fair, informed appraisal for your property.

Three inexpensive home improvement projects with 90% ROI

Three projects outlined by Remodeling Magazine cost less than $1,700 but have returns on investment of more than 90 percent. See what they are.

Six things sellers can do to draw in multiple offers

As a seller, you’ll want to incite a bidding war that helps you sell your home for more than its listing price. Here are insights you can use to draw in multiple offers.

Tips for downsizing your home

If you’re planning to move to a smaller home in Minnesota or western Wisconsin, here are insights you can use as you prepare to downsize your home.

What to disclose as a home seller

When you are selling a home in Minnesota, you are legally obligated to disclose all pertinent information about your home to potential buyers.

What happens if a home seller dies?

Here are insights you can use if you’re ever in the unfortunate situation of having a seller pass away before you have closed on the property.

Downsizing in style: Why baby boomers are moving into senior housing even before they retire

If you’re thinking of downsizing and exploring your senior housing options, here are insights you can use as you make your move.

Buying or selling in 2016? What you need to know about the local market

In 2016, we expect to see continued moderation in market growth. Let’s examine what you can expect if buying or selling a home is on your list of New Year’s resolutions.

Five expert tips for negotiating a real estate deal

Hiring an expert negotiator is critical when buying a home, but buyers can also keep the sale on track by following these quick insights.

Is fall the best time to buy and sell a home?

Below are insights you can use as you consider buying or selling a home in Minnesota or western Wisconsin this fall.

Should you renovate your bathroom before selling?

What’s the ROI of a bathroom renovation? Read these statistics and insights to make the call about upgrading before you sell in Minnesota or western Wisconsin.

Why you should hire a REALTOR® instead of selling your home FSBO

The number of FSBO homes has been dwindling for 20 years. Here’s why you’ll be better off hiring an agent to help you sell your Minnesota or western Wisconsin home

Tips for staging your home before selling

When selling, remove personal effects and clutter to help buyers see the property’s true potential. Read 14 staging insights to use as you sell your home.

What luxury homeowners should expect when they sell their home

When selling a luxury home, it’s critical to set expectations. Here are four quick insights that every high-end seller should know before they list their home.

The ultimate curb appeal checklist for home sellers

Whether you’re looking to lure buyers online or in-person, curb appeal is one of the most important things a home seller can master. Here are insights you can use to add curb appeal to your Minnesota or western Wisconsin home, plus a quick checklist you can follow before you list your property.

How to establish a price for your property

The best way to determine a property price is to perform a comparative market analysis (CMA), which considers recently listed and sold homes nearby.

Increase your negotiating power: Sell with a home warranty

Consider selling with a home warranty, which protects the future owner of your home against system and appliance repairs for their first year of homeownership.

If a couple splits, who gets the house?

Dealing with the logistics of a home after a separation or divorce can be intimidating and difficult. Here are insights you can use during that process.

Stage your home to sell

Check out this article and watch the accompanying video for tips and tricks to get your home on a buyer’s must-have list this summer.

What is an MLS listing?

Wondering what the Multiple Listing Service really does? Read insights about how the MLS and broker reciprocity work on home search sites.

You won’t believe what is inside this incredible home in Northeast Minneapolis

Check out Northeast Minneapolis’ most unique home. Once the home and studio of artist Lori Svedberg, the home is covered in rocks, wood and realistic paintings.

Why the summer market is still all about inventory

It’s important that buyers and sellers understand how low inventory affects them. Here’s how to navigate today’s market and make it to the closing table.

Four reasons your home won’t sell

To ensure your home doesn’t lag on the market, be sure to follow these easy tips.

Tips for moving with pets

Moving to a new home is a stressful time for pets, but there are a number of things you can do to make the transition for your animal as smooth as possible.

The upside of transitional housing

Selling your home while buying another means transitional housing is likely. There are many options to help you manage the transition smoothly.

Is it time to sell your lakeshore home?

It may be time to consider selling your lake home. Here, we outline a few of the top markets for lakeshore home sales in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

What sellers need to know about Minnesota’s radon law

If you’re planning on selling your home in Minnesota, talk with your Edina Realty REALTOR® about the best plan of action for your home’s radon levels.

Six first-time seller tips

Here is a guide that will help anyone selling their first home in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Low rates and lower inventory: Why this spring’s market might be tight

We outline the spring market conditions and what they mean for both buyers and sellers across Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

What Minnesota sellers should know about the Truth in Sale of Housing inspection

In certain cities, a seller inspection is required before the home can be sold. This inspection is often called the “Truth in Sale of Housing” (TISH) report.

What every seller needs to know about this year’s spring market

We break out what every Minnesota or Wisconsin seller—including luxury, lakeshore and starter homeowners—should know about listing this spring.

Why you should hire a local real estate specialist

Here are five reasons you should always hire a local real estate specialist when buying or selling your home.

Is it a buyers’ or sellers’ market?

Local real estate market reports show it’s a great time to buy. Who is really at an advantage when it comes to Minnesota and western Wisconsin real estate?

Four unusual housing trends that came out of the market correction

The market correction delivered a bargain buyers’ market and then a growing sellers’ market. What is happening in Minnesota and western Wisconsin market’s now?

How to hire the right listing agent for you

85 percent of local sellers would re-hire their real estate agent. Here are some tactics for hiring the right listing agent in Minnesota or western Wisconsin.

Four realities for sellers in today’s market

In our balanced market, neither buyers nor sellers are at a major advantage. See how today’s sellers are making the market work for them.

Minnesota’s home prices aren’t getting any lower

Home prices have been on the rise for nearly two and a half years in our market, yet some potential buyers are still holding out for a better deal.

Six signs we’re in the midst of a healthy housing recovery in Minnesota and western Wisconsin

It’s been a long road back from the height of the housing crisis in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Here are the positive indicators we’re seeing.

Easy exterior updates you can tackle this weekend

Whether you’re gearing up to sell or just want curb appeal, follow these easy tips to get your home’s exterior in tip-top shape.

4 million homeowners regained equity in 2013

A recent report from CoreLogic showed that 4 million homes returned to positive equity in 2013, providing encouraging signs for the housing market’s future.

Infographic: Prepping your house for sale – Five tips for a successful staging

Selling a home can be a tough task, but there are ways to increase its curb appeal to improve the odds of making a sale.

What is an assumable mortgage?

You’ve heard of buying a used car – but what about a used mortgage? An assumable mortgage is when a homebuyer takes over the seller’s loan.

Sounds you don’t want to hear your house make

What’s that clank, scratch or whistle? We explain what your house is trying to tell you when it makes unexpected noises.

Three reasons why you should sell your home this spring

Low inventory and rising prices are clear indicators that our local seller’s market is here to stay. Is it time for you to sell your home?

Sales of homes in Wisconsin slow down after 11 months of gains

Homes sales in Wisconsin slowed in November following an 11-month streak of annual gains. See a local housing update.

Tips to pass your home inspection when selling

Buyers won’t sign the dotted line without an inspection – here’s how to ensure your home selling inspection is a success.

How to prepare for the closing table

The closing process should only take an hour if the buyers and sellers come prepared with these items and identification.

Three reasons the housing market won’t slow down this winter

This year, experts believe that the Minnesota and western Wisconsin housing market might keep booming straight through the coldest months.

Is it time for you to move up?

Mortgage rates are low and homeowners are coming out from being underwater. Many homeowners are finding it’s a great time to trade up.

Stage your home to sell this fall

If you’re listing your home this fall, consider these fall home staging tips before you put your home on the market.

Understanding Minnesota’s Foreclosure Relief Bill

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton recently issued a new set of rules, known as the foreclosure relief bill, to help the state’s residents avoid a foreclosure.

Should you replace your roof before selling your home?

Wondering what the ROI is on a new roof? This year’s Remodeling Magazine report will help you understand cost vs. value of home improvements.

My perspective: Home prices are up — how can we avoid another bubble?

In this fall market perspective, Edina Realty president Barb Jandric explains how we can avoid a bubble even as home prices spike.

Increase your storage before selling

There are a number of things you can do to increase the appeal of your home before you sell. See how storage helps draw in buyers.

Make over your yard for less than $500

Whether you’re a frugal homeowner, or just want to spend your money elsewhere, tips to inexpensively revamp your yard this summer.

What are buyers really looking for? A new study may surprise you

Research shows that when it comes to drawing in a buyer, it’s not about granite countertops or a three-car garage.

Which home improvements have the best ROI in 2013?

As the economy continues to improve, homeowners are once again feeling confident in putting money into home renovations and repairs.

Staging a swimming pool when selling your home

Staging a swimming pool can help homeowners who want to sell their Minnesota home quickly.

Staging your lakeshore property to sell

Selling a waterfront home is different than selling a home in the suburbs. Stage your lakeshore property to entice lake home buyers.

Infographic: Three reasons to sell your home this spring

Still on the fence about selling your Minnesota home this spring? This infographic displays the spring market conditions sellers can take advantage of.

My perspective: Edina Realty’s president shares the spring Market Update

As spring approaches, Edina Realty’s president Barb Jandric offers a local housing market update.

Five awkward questions you should ask before hiring a REALTOR®

We give you full permission to ask an Edina Realty REALTOR® these five awkward questions before hiring them to represent you.

Tax considerations when selling a home

Homeowners interested in selling a home should factor in how the home sale will affect their federal and state tax returns.

Quick cleaning tips for a last-minute showing

Your life doesn’t stop when you’re selling your home! Here are some last-minute cleaning tips to instantly tidy your home before a showing.

My perspective: Edina Realty’s president offers 2013 local market predictions

Edina Realty president Barb Jandric offers 2013 local housing predictions. Minnesota and western Wisconsin will likely see continued recovery in 2013.

Three easy ways to update your home before selling

Consider these three basic home improvements before you sell your Minnesota home this winter.

Three popular rooms to remodel

While updating your home to better fit your family, don’t forget to take into account how remodeling could affect your home’s resale value.

Your home may be worth more than you think

Low inventory and high buyer demand is creating a competitive marketplace for sellers. Read why it’s a good time to sell a home in Minnesota.

Questions to ask a REALTOR® when selling your home

When selling your home, you should prepare a list of interview questions to ask prospective REALTORS®.

Tricks for making your home appear bigger

Big, open spaces are more appealing to buyers, who want to picture themselves using and living in your home.

What to include in your home’s online listing

After listing your home, be sure to consider the following details when creating the online listing.

Use landscaping to help sell a home

When you are getting ready to sell your home in Minnesota, don’t forget that the exterior landscaping is just as important as staging the interior.

Should you sell or rent your home after buying another residence

If you have decided to purchase a second home, you may be wondering if you should rent out your current home or list if for sale.

It’s a good time to sell a home in Minnesota

Low inventory and pent-up demand means that if you sell a home in Minnesota, you could benefit from increased competition among buyers.

Tips for selling with pets

Just as you may stage your home to remove personal belongings, it’s important to remove evidence of your pets when potential buyers come for a showing.

Fall home staging tips

Help buyers see the true potential of your home by staging with the fall season in mind.

Avoid post-sale issues by purchasing a home warranty

There is one way to avoid post-sale issues surrounding mechanical systems or appliances – sell your home with an Edina Realty home warranty.

What’s a comparative market analysis?

A comparative market analysis, often referred as a CMA, is an informal written evaluation of the current value of any given property.

Selling with an assumable mortgage

When selling their home, it’s possible to transfer your mortgage to the new buyer. This act of assuming a homeowner’s loan is called an assumable mortgage.

Optimum exposure for your property

According to the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the Internet was used by 89 percent of people searching homes for sale.

Add curb appeal to your home

If you’re trying to sell your home, making the home look attractive to potential buyers should be a main priority.

Don’t make these open house mistakes

While it’s common sense that a clean and organized home is vital to hosting a successful open house, many sellers overlook this aspect of preparation.

What sellers should bring to closing

Don’t forget to bring the keys to your home, and any other keys, such as a mailbox key. You’ll also want to bring your garage door opener(s).

Things to consider when selling a short sale

A short sale is when the seller asks their lender(s) to agree to take less than the amount owed on the home as payment in full.

Accepting an offer

The bidding price should be your main focus when deciding to accept a buyer’s proposal.


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