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Best Real Estate Software: 25 Game Changers for Agents & Teams

Whether you’re running a top producing team or just starting out, having the best real estate software at your disposal will put you well ahead of other agents.

Is this finally the year that the real estate industry gets the disruptive tools and apps that other industries enjoy?

Read on to check out our 25 top picks for the best time saving, lead generating, and innovative real estate software:

1. BoldLeads

If you haven’t been paying attention, you may have missed the exciting new technology that BoldLeads is offering today’s agents.

Instead of just sending you a list of leads, they offer A/B tested seller lead generation landing pages, an integrated CRM, and automated email and text messaging to connect with leads when they expect it. Instantly.

You can even leave stealth voicemails (open rates are an order of magnitude higher than email), create follow up funnels, and integrate with your favorite CRMs like Contactually, Top Producer, Wise Agent, and more.

Even better, BoldLeads integrates with Could CMA so you can automatically send your leads gorgeous, accurate CMAs on demand.

They also offer free onboarding, daily training classes, and an exclusive Facebook Mastermind group just for BoldLeads users.

2. BombBomb

After interviewing dozens of Real Trends 500 agents over the years, one thing really stands out. As you might imagine, they’re all absolutely amazing communicators in person or over skype.

It’s almost like a hypnotist’s act.

You just can’t help but trust whatever it is their saying and leave the conversation wanting to hear more. It’s uncanny.

Of course, when you get emails or texts from the same agents… well, the magic not only fades, it pretty much disappears.

This is why almost every single real estate tech pundit from Gary Vaynerchuck to Peter Lorimer agree that video is the future of real estate marketing.

That’s why BombBomb is a must have for any serious agent. It lets you create video at the drop of a hat and reach your leads where they’re most likely to pay attention, via email and text.

BombBomb also offers lead capture, landing pages, analytics, and more with your account. Click below for a free 14-day trial.

3. Revaluate

While terms like predictive analytics and AI have been floating around the industry for a few years now, only a handful of companies touting these advances live up to the hype. Revaluate is one of them.

Revaluate leverages techniques from artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data to analyze data from past and current events to predict future events. In simpler terms, they use super smart software that sifts through millions of pages of data to figure out when someone will move.

As if this wasn’t enough to pique your interest, they also use that same software to reinvigorate all the old, cold, dead leads in your CRM. Once they flag someone in your database, you can call them up for a coffee of beer instead of sending the same old drip emails that always wind up in their promotional folder anyway.

Even better, you’ll be able to pitch them WAY before they start looking on portals or Googling about how much their home is worth. Actually, they won’t have to since you’ll have already given them a detailed CMA!

4. Freshsales

When it comes to real estate CRMs, you might have noticed that every tech company wants to include everything but the kitchen sink in order to get you to spend $50—$250+ per month.

While that’s all fine and well if you want a mediocre IDX website and features like round robin lead assignment, you’ll never have time to learn about let alone use it enough to get an ROI.

That’s because the best real estate CRM is the one you and your agents actually use. Period.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a ton of money for a well designed CRM that does everything you need it to do and nothing you don’t.

Freshsales, (pictured above) is an intuitive, flexible, and well designed CRM that will keep you organized and help you contact the right lead, with the right message, at the right time.

Even better, it starts out FREE and a more advanced version that should work for 90% of the agents out there is only $15 per month!

5. REDx + Storm Dialer

If you’re trying to cold call (you should in this market) without using an auto dialer like Storm Dialer, you’re leaving money on the table. Period.

First, there’s just no way you’re going to keep up with the volume of numbers you need to dial, not to mention dealing with voicemails, hang ups, or wrong numbers. Second, stopping to dial your phone every 30 seconds will slow you down to a crawl and kill your momentum.

So if you want to start cold calling FSBOs, Expireds, or just want to effectively circle prospect around a listing, then you owe it to yourself to set up REDx + Storm Dialer.

6. Freshchat

Let’s face it. When it comes to technology, real estate is a few years behind many other industries. We’re just… a little slow to adopt the latest tech. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Right?

Well, no. When it comes to your website, you owe it to yourself (and your bank account) to invest in the latest technology to turn site visitors into leads. In 2019, that means you need to connect with them instantly.

Freshchat, advanced chat software that you can easily plug into your website, lets you do just that. It gives your site visitors exactly what they want; instant gratification!

You can have it ping your phone whenever someone has a question, or better yet, easily program a chat bot to engage them until they’re ready to talk to you.

Best of all, Freshchat is FREE for the basic chat features, and only $15—$39 per month for advanced AI chat bots, multi-language support, file attachments, and more.

7. Grasshopper

As far as things that can drive you crazy go, mixing business and pleasure is at the top of the list. In fact, study after study shows that “multitasking” not only doesn’t work, but will leave you more stressed out, less organized, and well, more miserable. It’s just not worth it. Especially in 2019 since phone technology has finally caught up with the way Realtors work.

Instead of using the same phone number for calls and texts from your significant other AND panicked clients, you can quickly and easily set up multiple phone numbers with Grasshopper. For example, you could set up one phone number for your print ads, one for website leads, and one for your yard signs. Or, what about using different numbers for buyers and sellers, or old clients and new clients?

Even better, if you’re running a team or just want to fake it until you make it, you can use Grasshopper to set up multiple extensions for junior agents, assistants, etc. You can also reply to texts from your laptop, make calls over VOIP and WIFI, and get voicemails transcribed so you can see important missed calls at a glance.

8. is another real estate software platform to take advantage of predictive analytics. Here’s Minnesota Realtor and team leader Brandon Doyle on why he loves

“First appointments leverages predictive analytics to identify people whom are most likely to move within your database. The app allows users to select contacts to be added to an appointments queue, from there the appointments scheduler calls the list and schedules 1 on 1 meetings. All of the details are managed through the app and are synced into your calendar.”

9. Cloud MLX

One of the most common complaints I hear from newer Realtors is that their MLS interfaces look and feel like they were built in 1994. Tiny fonts, dozens of tiny checkboxes and dropdown menus, and a design aesthetic that screams AOL 95. Blah.

Want to know why? Your MLS doesn’t have the time, resources, or expertise to design and build sleek, modern tools to access their treasure trove of data. That’s where companies like W+R Studios come in.

Their Cloud MLX app sits right on top of your MLS and gives you a Google-like way to access that data faster, easier, and without the headaches.

During a recent chat with W+R CEO Greg Robertson, he let me in on the mantra that helps them make such innovative software: Make it simple, make it elegant, and make it easy to use. Cloud MLX nails all three and then some.

Even better, Cloud MLX is designed to work seamlessly with the other apps in their Cloud Agent Suite; Cloud CMA, Cloud Attract, and Cloud Streams.

The whole package together gives agents a formidable arsenal of tools for searching your MLS, buyer and seller lead generation, lead nurturing with gorgeous listing updates, and finally powerful listing presentation software to seal the deal.

10. Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a lightweight, laser targeted lead management system designed for Realtors and teams to nail their lead nurturing targets day-to-day quickly and easily.

Follow Up Boss sits right on your email and logs emails and texts, manages drip campaigns, sends automatic texts (with open rates are WAY higher than email,) and generally keeps agents focused on lead nurturing and converting clients instead of getting bogged down by endless listing blast emails, work drama, and everything else that keeps agents from their core tasks.

It also has great features for team leaders to check in on how their agents are doing at a glance. They also seamlessly integrate with Real Geeks, IDX Broker, Ihomefinder, CINC, and more.

Want to see how Follow Up Boss stacks up to six other real estate CRMs? Check out our ultimate CRM buyer’s guide here .

11. Buffer (Social Media Scheduling Tool)

If you’ve already dipped a toe into social media only to get turned off by the constant demand to post, then Buffer is for you. Do you want to reach your Twitter followers at 7:30 am even on days you sleep in? Want to send out that infographic to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, AND Instagram with one click?

Buffer lets you figure out what times and type of content your leads on each platform respond to, then helps you create a posting calendar loaded with content. Once you have your calendar ready to go, you can sit back and let the likes, pins, and retweets come rolling in.

Did I mention Buffer is free for up to three social accounts and ten scheduled posts?

12. Homesnap (Buyer Collaboration Tool)

Let’s face facts. Email is dying. In some tech offices, email has been almost entirely replaced with Slack, IM, or video conferencing. Homesnap lets you give your clients an awesome home search experience and notifies you when they like a property.

You can also get deep dive property info and even build free CMAs for your listing pitches.

Here’s Nikki Banks, Realtor for Keller Williams Excellence, Maryland on how she uses Homesnap to collaborate with buyers.

“Since it’s linked directly with the MLS, the information about the house status is in real time. You can invite your clients to join the app and when they like something you are notified immediately. For your clients it gives information about what schools are in the areas and what other homes are for sale in a particular school zone.

You can send them any new listings in their chosen area that you’ve come across and reach out to the listing agent with questions that you or your client may have on the spot. Not to mention the ability to create a CMA (comparative market analysis ) for your clients right from the app. If all of that weren’t great enough, you’re able to book a showing, map how to get there and share the directions.”

13. Propertybase

Take some of the best looking and most advanced IDX websites from Boston Logic, add an infinitely customizable and scalable Salesforce-based CRM with MLS integration, and you end up with an all-in-one platform that should make the other real estate software companies nervous. Very nervous.

After all, few companies have managed to work out all the kinks that come with creating the ultimate swiss army knife platform for real estate brokerages and teams. There have been custom solutions that cost as much as a new Ferrari, but they’re all walled gardens, useless for new teams and brokerages.

In 2019, every platform does it all, but very, very few of them manage to make everything work together seamlessly, with tools that agents actually want and brokers need.

14. Focus Booster (Pomodoro Timer)

Have you ever sat down to write ad copy or put together a CMA and looked up to see that it’s 4 hours later and you’ve got nothing done? It doesn’t matter how much time you devote to a project, but how much time you spend FOCUSED on that project…

If you constantly find yourself putting in long hours but not getting good results, you might be a candidate for the Pomodoro Technique.

Here’s how it works:

Instead of giving yourself a few hours or (even worse) an unlimited amount of time to work, Pomodoro makes you limit your work to just 25 minutes.

After that 25 minutes, no matter what you have cooking, you take a five minute break. When you complete 4 Pomodoro cycles of 25 minutes of work split by 5 minute breaks, you take a real, 15-20 minute break to eat lunch, chat with coworkers, or head out for coffee.

Thousands of creative workers and software engineers swear by Pomodoro, (including me) and the short bursts of focused work seem to limit distractions and increase productivity.

You can even try it when cold calling.

While all you really need to use the Pomodoro technique is a timer (preferably shaped like a tomato, hence the name) apps like Focus Booster give you a timer and even analytics to track your progress.

15. kvCORE (Lead Generation, CRM)

One of the early movers in the all-in-one real estate lead generation and CRM platforms, Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE platform is finally ready for its close up. Their team-focused platform boasts lead generation, a robust CRM with AI features like behavioral lead response, text messaging, and even an auto dialer.

Here’s Keyes Company Chief Information Officer Wendi Iglesias on the benefits of the new kvCORE platform:

“We have many systems for lead generation, lead nurturing, customer management, and transaction management that all work together to increase productivity of our associates and deliver a best in class customer experience. Right now, we have a large focus on social connections and behavioral automation. We are actively looking for connections with buyers and sellers via social media using tools like Flipt, Buyside, and Quantum Digital Trigger Marketing, working to bring them valuable information they need via the medium they wish to have it delivered with systems like Buyside, Real Scout, and VoicePad; and guiding them through the transaction with all the digital and non-digital expertise it takes for a successful transaction. We believe that it is both stellar service and hi-tech tools that bring the best customer experience.”

16. HouseCanary (Home Valuation and Price Prediction Tool)

Like AI, predictive analytics has been an unavoidable buzzword for real estate software lately. While there are a ton of fakers out there (we won’t name names) who claim to use predictive analytics to parse real estate data, HouseCanary actually does. And it’s a game changer.

HouseCanary’s home valuations are based on dozens of data points both public and private, and instead of going back a year or two, actually consider trends from the past few decades when coming up with their valuations. Think of it as Zestimates with a brain transplant…on steroids.

While HouseCanary’s valuations are the most accurate many in the industry have seen, they’re not out to replace agents anytime soon. In fact, they offer affordable valuations that you can use to supplement your own hard work.

17. Structurely (AI Chatbots, Lead Qualifying)

AI chatbots have been threatening (not in a skynet sense, but you get the idea…) to “disrupt” real estate lead nurturing for a long time now. The only problem is that the vast majority of solutions on offer weren’t quite ready for prime time. They were clunky, slow, or too robot-like to be useful.

Structurely’s AI chatbot Aisa (Artificial Intelligence Sales Agent) Holmes allows you to qualify your web leads while you’re out showing and pitching.

It also talks to a ton of your favorite lead gen/CRM platforms like Real Geeks, BoomTown, Kunversion, Placester, and more.

18. Amitree Folio (Super Lightweight Transaction Management)

Amitree’s Folio has always been the well kept secret weapon of many newbie agents. After all, it’s free, sits right on top of Gmail, and offers some pretty amazing transaction management and organization tasks for busy Realtors.

Even better, Sand Hill Road has taken notice. Amitree recently closed a $7 million round of funding to build out more functionality into an already fairly robust platform. Get on board while it’s still free!

19. Open Home Pro (Open House Sign in)

Here’s another real estate software platform you’ll kick yourself for not inventing…

No, it doesn’t do transaction management or or build IDX pages and butter your toast in the morning like so many swiss army knife platforms these days.

It only does ONE thing.

It turns your iPad or Android tablet into a fast, powerful open house sign in sheet.

Now, instead of squinting at a list of unintelligible names as you hunt and peck them into your CRM, you can leave your open house with your leads already in your CRM.

In fact, Open Home Pro offered such an elegant solution to a common pain point for Realtors, they got bought out by Placester.

Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of room in the industry for well designed… anything.

Want to make a million dollars selling stuff to real estate agents? Become friends with a talented graphic designer and make the ugly world of real estate software a prettier place for your fellow agents.

Just remember to give me a cut when that first VC check comes in…

20. Grammarly (Writing Assistant)

Let’s eat Grandma!…. Let’s eat, Grandma!

Two sentences, only one will get you disinvited from next year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

The Grandma-safe version uses what’s called the oxford comma, something a grammar app like Grammarly will spot and suggest for you.

Yuo cna aslo porbalby raed tihs esaliy desptie teh msispeillgns rhigt?

Your leads probably can too, but are they going to call you back?

Better not risk it in that pitch email.

Grammarly checks your grammar, spelling, and even sentence structure and style for free.

21. Feedly (Media Aggregator)

Since some people spend their entire careers following and writing about real estate news, catching up with the latest can be a full time job.

Since you don’t have time to read the Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, The New York Times, and your local paper every morning, Feedly can help.

Enter in a few websites or news categories you want to follow and Feedly sends you a nice curated list of the top stories every day.

Combine this with Buffer and your leads will think you have a full time editorial staff finding them the best articles.

Feedly is also FREE.

22. Dotloop (Transaction Management Software)

Although the competition was fierce, it looks like Dotloop has come out on top for the best real estate transaction management software for another year.

If your office doesn’t offer real estate software like Dotloop along with your other perks, then it might make sense to jump in and track your deals with Dotloop.

Did we mention the industry leading transaction management platform is now FREE for individual agents?

23. Expensify (Expense Recording app)

Instead of a shoebox, I had a manila folder stuffed with receipts for yellow cabs, lunches, printing, and printouts of my (enormous) Uber bills. Needless to say come tax time I’m ankle deep in paper and miserable.

Smarter agents use expense tracking software like Expensify. Expensify automatically scans and tags your receipts so you don’t have to.

This way in April you have everything organized and ready for your accountant to scrutinize.

24. Realtors Property Resource (RPR) (Property Data Software)

Good old RPR! If you’re unfamiliar or have the app moldering away in your app tray unused, you owe it to yourself to fire it up soon.

Offered exclusively for Realtors, RPR parses a massive trove of data to bring you quick answers to your client’s pressing questions right at your fingertips.

It’s also a great way to build up a CMA on the fly to impress your tire kickers.

25. Trello (Project Management)

Last but not least, a tool that our office uses daily. Trello. Trello is one of those dead simple apps that will transform the way you work with your team.

Trello lets you create and keep track of long term projects and to-dos with your entire team. It’s also super easy and intuitive to use.

Even better, Trello is FREE for small teams. For just $10 a month, you can add a whole bunch of time-saving features.

There. Now you have no excuse to stay disorganized!

Over to You

Have a suggestion for our list of the best real estate software? Let us know in the comments.

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