Feb 13 2020

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#I #want #to #buy #a #house

I want to buy a house


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i want to buy a house in Jamaica and ship my furniture over and hav my boyfriend live with me. will I be allowed to stay I am retired and have sufficiant money to do this

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try asking your question on more expat experience there and no restrictions on ask I g relocation questions

“i want to buy a house in Jamaica”

You need to hire a Jamaican attorney that specializes in real estate transactions before you start to look for a house in Jamaica. There are many issues with the purchase land in Jamaica, beware.

“will I be allowed to stay”

Call the nearest Jamaican embassy or high commission for an answer to this question.

This Jamaican website details the requirement for a permanent residency:

You can stay 3 months and extend to 6 months without residency or a work permit. So you can buy a house even when you are not a resident. You can buy a condo or townhouse that is “turn key” or you can buy land and build. but do your homework. As mentioned, you will need a lawyer to navigate the process with you. I suggest you spend a good deal of time there. 3-6 months. to decide if you want to make an investment like that. Purchasing property in Jamaica is a long term thing and and not so much an “investment” as it is a life decision. is not always the best place to get truthful information on things like this. There are a couple of Facebook groups – Negril Boards and Wha Gwaan Negril where you’ll get more honest information.

Make sure you have an attorney where you’re from as well as a reputable one in Jamaica and be sure to keep everything in your name. Only. I’ve heard from many that they’ve been told the property ciu know do only be in a man’s name or Jamaican and that’s true. Often you’ll hear “easier that way”.

What area are you looking? I can pm you a realtors info.

Make sure you research the medical care. Having had cancer myself this is one place I would never want to permanently live.

Medical care in Jamaica is horrible unless you pay for private hospitals which is expensive.

You need to do your homework. It’s not a cut and dry as, “i’m buying a house and moving to JA”.

Can you buy a home? yes, you can, Can your stay forever? No, not unless you become a resident or citizen and that’s hard unless you have ties to the island. You can come and stay 3 mths and get an extension if needed.

I don’t worry about medical care..Im healthy and I take great care of myself. However if I needed major surgery, chemo or specialized care/’testing I’d head to Miami. its a 90 min flight. I go back and forth to the states a few times a year so I always schedule my annual physical and mammogram for when I’m stateside. it’s worked for me for the last 30 yrs.


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