Feb 13 2020

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Happy days

Very helpful people. I got the money from my late mum’s house within 9 days of first talking to them. There was no fuss.

Exchanged contracts in 8 days

I contacted BMH while my property was on with estate agents. BMH understood my situation to sell quickly and we were able to exchange contracts in 8 days which allowed me to purchase my next property when the sellers knew I had a cash buyer.

Great Service

To anyone who really wants to sell a house without all the nonsense involved in the process, I recommend Buy My House. They are fast, professional and reliable. They guided me with knowledge throughout. It was my first house I sold and was easier than I thought.

For those that want a hassle-free sale

We’d found our dream home (a new build close to schools) but could not put an offer on it until we had an offer on our house. Despite trying with multiple estate agents over 6 months, we just weren’t getting any viewings. We then decided to make contact with BMH and we exchanged contracts within a week. The best thing is that BMH have allowed us to stay in the property over Christmas and we will be completing the sale in February 2019 once the new build is ready.

Delivered on what was promised!

Very straightforward to deal with – BMH purchased both of my flats quickly and even covered all of my legal fees. I had a single point of contact throughout and that helped a lot!

I was really struggling to sell

I was really struggling to sell my house quickly but Buy My House were great from start to finish. They offered me a good price for my house and the process was quick and was made very easy. Thanks again!

I was desperate to move back home and…

I was desperate to move back home and had sold my house to a local buyer but last minute the buyer pulled out and I contacted BMH and within 10 days I had got my house was bought without any hassle, God Bless !

Highly recommended

Had to sell my home due to financial difficulties and really glad I chose this company. They were really patient and understanding of my circumstances and I felt looked after at every step. Thanks again guys!

Looking for a fast service to sell a…

Looking for a fast service to sell a property. I found Buy My House to be professional, straight forward and responsive. Happy with the end result and would certainly recommend to other sellers.

Very happy from start to finish

Due to financial difficulties I decided to sell my house. I called BMH and within a day, agreed a price with them, I did not pay anything, they did not ask me to sign anything and BMH gave me whatever time I needed to find a rental property. Very happy from start to finish

Awful, avoid at all costs!

Absolutely awful company. They sent memorandum of sale to my solicitors then after that did not hear from them for weeks. I called them back and they said they are no longer interested. None of this had been communicated to me or my solicitor. They pretend to be honest company and tell you about bogus other companies. in actual fact they are the bogus company. Do not waste your time on these guys. Notice how they have zero positive reviews, there is a reason for this..AVOID!!

Lowered price by £100,000 on the eve of exchanging

We were offered and accepted £325 on our house, we were sent the memorandum of sale, based on this we paid the £2000 reservation fee on our new house, then 3 weeks later received a phone call at 7pm in the evening saying they wanted to pull out unless we accepted £250, they knew our new home costs were £280. Very unprofessional company, very angry at the costs we have been left with.

Do not touch these with a barge-pole !

Do not touch these with a barge-pole !! we were given a price for our house yes it was 90% of the value anyway when it came to finalise the deal WHAT a shock the actual price offered was in fact £100.000 YES a £100.000 below the market value, it seems that this company just prays on the venerable, what a waste of time & effort we had x6 viewings to look at other property’s and we had to cancel them. I just do not know how companies like these are allowed to operate. Rant over.

Waste of time

It is very unprofessional company. I had few conversations with them discussing the sale of my property after which they confirmed in writing that they would buy my house. Two days later I received a text message saying that they were not interested any more.


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