Feb 13 2020

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Which company is best for a New Real Estate Agent between Keller Williams VS EXIT VS Century 21? Please only the differences,I dont need recruitment.

It may depend on your neighborhood. Who is the dominant player on your block?
Who’s gaining ground, who’s losing ground?
Who’s adding agents, who’s losing agents?
Who’s old school who’s schooling the old schoolers?

If you are new . all will tell you they have training. so ask to see their training room.
Ask to see their class schedule. Ask about costs to take each class.

If you believe in transparency ask if you can see this year’s P&L so you know how the office is holding up.

Be cautious about what the brokers tell you. Ask to see what contracts they will make you sign.
I like the broker who told me that I would be 100% day one, but I needed to pay hime $26,000 in office rent,
Plus 6% royalty fee on every transaction with no cap, and $25/month for the office party fund, and $75/month for E&O, and X for this and X for that. heck I might have been better off with a 50% split if I didn’t have to pay for all his expenses. If they tell you things like they have relocation business, ask how much of that can you expect. Ask the agents around the office how much of that business they get and how it is divided. If they tell you they get X # of broker leads, ask how they get it and how it is distributed and ask the agents if the numbers hold true.

Check the link below for a list of questions you might ask each broker.

I’m with KW, so now a little biased but always open to hearing what the other guys have to offer.
I looked hard at Exit, but felt something was missing, and not sure the growth is there.
The revenue sharing is interesting, but in the end if the broker doesn’t profit they won’t stay in business
and your downline will leave you. so you have to be convinced the office is profitable and will remain
One thing I am really keyed up about at KW is eEdge, which is our new technology lead generation
platform. If you don’t have a sponsor and decide to join KW, put me down as your sponsor
and I’ll give you some great coaching for FREE on how to get pumped up and generating leads
with eEdge. This should be the number one focus for new agents. generating business.
Number two is training.

I was with Pru for 8 years, and so glad I made the switch. It was a great company at the time, but
a little old school for me. Ownership also made a difference. Deal making created anomosity amoung many of the agents. I don’t have ill will towards them, just a different model than where we are now.

Best wishes for your success with whoever you decide to join. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to call or email.


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