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Best property management companies


8 Best Property Management Software 2018

The best property management software helps property managers stay organized while completing tasks like tracking rent payments and maintenance requests. We looked at dozens of property management software and narrowed them down to our top eight. Generally, they all offer similar features, so you choose one based on the number and types of properties you manage.

Avail: Best Overall Property Management Software

Avail has a great starting price and their software offers solutions that work well for both new investors with one or two properties or experienced investors with many. You can screen tenants, build custom leases, and manage repair requests and expenses. With plans starting at $0 for your first unit, getting started with Avail is easy.

Top Property Management Software Companies

How We Evaluated Property Management Software

We evaluated the top property management software providers by looking at their pricing, features, number of units they can manage and their customer reviews. Most landlords and property managers look for providers that offer easy-to-use software that have multiple features like tenant screening, rent collection, document signing and maintenance requests, so all of our top providers offer multiple features.

The criteria we used to evaluate the best property management software providers include:

  • Pricing: Structure including what each price tier offers
  • Features: What is offered at each tier
  • Property types: What they specialize in, such as single-family homes or apartment complexes
  • Who they’re right for: Landlords and/or property management companies
  • Number of units: How many units they can manage
  • Customer reviews: Ratings and what they do well and don’t do so well

Based on all of the above criteria, we recommend Avail as our top property management software. It has a full set of features and accessibility to various sizes of landlords or property management firms — particularly the smaller ones. The entry-level package starts at $0 per month for a single property yet it’s full-featured property management software that can scale as large as your business demands.

Best Overall Property Management Software: Avail

Avail (formerly Rentalutions) can be used to manage one or two properties or to manage an entire portfolio, so it’s the most diverse choice on our list and its pricing makes them stand out. It’s right for both property management companies and landlords who manage their properties. It’s right if you need entry-level pricing but want to scale your business easily and still use the same property management software provider.

Pricing for Avail

Avail offers a free 30-day trial and four tiers of pricing. Its pricing starts at $0 per month for its Basic plan, which includes one unit. Its most expensive plan is known as the Professional plan and it is $49.99 per month for 15 units. Avail is one of the most affordable companies on our list and is $15 per month less than Property Management Cloud.

Avail Pricing & Features by Tier

Features of Avail

Avail offers very robust tenant screening tools. It offers custom lease clauses that can be added to your basic lease templates, which is helpful if you’re not sure how to word something that you want in your lease like a pet addendum. It also offers digital document signing and online rent collection so you and your tenant can stay organized and paperless and sign documents on the go.

Key features of Avail include:

  • Marketing tools
  • Tenant screening
  • Accounting tools
  • Leasing tools

Avail Marketing Tools

Avail uses a simple form to write listings and includes photos. Certain information is pulled automatically based on the property address, such as from Google maps. It syndicates listings automatically across Zillow, Trulia, HotPads and among others. Lead tracking is a standout feature with Avail. Inquiries from prospects go directly to its internal email tool that acts like a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Avail Tenant Screening

Avail provides comprehensive tenant screening tools and uses credit checks provided by TransUnion. Criminal and eviction tenant background checks are also provided. Online applications ask for rental history, employment history, and additional standard questions. Applications are typically completed in less than five minutes, and applicants can be requested to upload verifying documents like W2s, pay stubs and bank statements.

Avail Accounting Tools

Avail has basic accounting tools including rent, security deposit and fees like move-in, move-out and late fees. Payment information can be exported to a spreadsheet. Repair requests have expenses tracked, but no actual accounts payable is provided. Military-grade encryption is used for all confidential information.

Avail Leasing Tools

Lawyer-reviewed lease templates are provided with important protective clauses for things like lead-based paint and mold. Avail follows the requirements set by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000, ensuring signatures are valid, traceable and binding. Executed leases are stored online for easy retrieval and tenants can pay rent securely on the online portal and set up recurring payments. Late payment reminders are automatic and late fees can automatically be assessed. Tenants can create maintenance tickets and Include photos with the description of the maintenance issue.

What’s Missing with Avail

Avail offers great pricing, a variety of features and can suit landlords and property managers that manage different types and sizes of properties. However, its accounting tools are on the basic side because it doesn’t file tax returns or offer full back-end accounting services.

Avail Property Management Software Reviews

Avail, formerly known as Rentalutions, received three out of five stars based on one review on Active Rain.

Where to Find Avail

You can find Avail by visiting its website. You can click on the contact us button and send a message, or you can sign up directly on its website under the signup section for landlords.

Best Property Management Software for Mixed Property Types: Property Manager Cloud

Property Manager Cloud can handle any type of investment property including single-family homes, multifamily buildings, mobile home parks, hotels and more. Property Manager Cloud is right for landlords and property managers who manage a variety of residential and commercial properties and want to use one software for all of them. It’s also right for specialty properties like mobile home parks.

Property Manager Cloud Pricing

Property Manager Cloud offers a free 60-day trial and subscription-based plans that users can cancel any time. It offers five different tiers of pricing starting at $15 per month for one-to-10 units. Its highest tier starts at $75 per month for an unlimited number of units. Its tier structures are different from Avail and Buildium because each tier offers full features. Property Manager Cloud’s tiers are instead based on the number of units managed.

Property Manager Cloud Pricing & Features by Tier

All tiers include full features: tenant portal, paperless, maintenance requests, advertising, income tracker, property analyzer & more

Features of Property Manager Cloud

Property Manager Cloud handles the most types of diverse properties, and it offers property management software for both residential and commercial properties. It has a dashboard that provides a snapshot of key property statistics, and its property analysis tools provide a snapshot of key metrics like cap rate, net present value (NPV) and cash on cash return. It emphasizes being paperless and online organization and appliances serial numbers can even be recorded.

Key features of Property Manager Cloud include:

Marketing Tools

Property Manager Cloud only requires you to fill in property information once to set up listings. Then, it syndicates listings across Craigslist, Google, Facebook, and other websites. Additionally, it can provide information to newspapers and has tools for creating property flyers, newsletters and handling bulk email. There is no sophisticated lead tracking with Property Manager Cloud. Inquiries are sent to the email you set up in the platform. If a prospect then moves forward with an application, additional information is then available.

Tenant Screening

Property Manager Cloud has customizable applications that can either be email to a prospect or installed on your website. Credit information comes in the form of a FICO score, which is more interpretable than a raw credit file. The software provides criminal, sex offender and terrorist checks. Social Security numbers and national eviction checks are also provided. Income and employment verification are not provided although other kinds of screenings can be provided for an additional cost.

Accounting Tools

Property Manager Cloud has full general accounting for both income and expenses built in. Lease and payment history are updated automatically as payments are entered. Tax documentation is prepared automatically. The software keeps an accurate maintenance history to avoid duplicate payment. Property Manager Cloud can provide key financial reports and graphs, including amortization tables, net operating income and cash-on-cash return. User data is encrypted and secured with the same technology used by banks.

Leasing Tools

Leases are handled online; currently, however, it isn’t paperless. Be prepared to handle scanned documents coming from tenants. Landlords can set up automatic payments from residents on custom timelines. Property Manager Cloud can accept credit cards and debit cards, checking accounts or savings accounts, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), disability payments and other options for online payment. Late fees are added automatically after the due date has passed. Residents can initiate maintenance requests and follow-ups online. Pictures and details can be added for each work order.

What’s Missing with Property Manager Cloud

Property Manager Cloud is recommended for managing multiple different types of properties including commercial and residential real estate. It has a variety of features and reasonable pricing that compares to the other property management software on our list. However, It doesn’t offer paperless leases so, if you want a completely paperless system with online signing capabilities, it might not be right for you. It also doesn’t offer lead tracking, so you can’t see from where your leads are coming.

Property Manager Cloud Property Management Software Reviews

Property Manager Cloud received four out of five stars on Software Advice. This rating is based on 14 property management software reviews. Users offered mixed reviews on how easy it was to use, but generally liked its platform and that multiple users can log on to track rental payments and other information.

Where to Find Property Manager Cloud

You can find Property Manager Cloud on its website where you can click on the 60-day free trial, the contact button at the bottom of the page or the sign-up button at the top of the page.

Best Free Property Management Software: Tenant Cloud

Tenant Cloud is a property management software founded by a landlord whose goal is to save other landlords time and money. It specializes in managing properties for landlords and property managers on a budget and has different pricing tiers and add-on options. It’s right for landlords and property managers who want a free property management software and manage less than 500 units.

Tenant Cloud Pricing

Tenant Cloud is known for its cloud-based free property management software, but it also has paid options for landlords and property managers. Its basic service is free forever for up to 75 units. It also offers tiers of service that provide more features for $9 and $35 per month. It offers two free months if you pay for the service annually instead of monthly.


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